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GCP Cloud Migration

Simple and painless migrations into Google Cloud

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GCP Cloud Migrations

At DSP we are GCP Cloud Migration experts; whether you're migrating from on-premise, or from another Public Cloud. We have been delivering data management migrations, consulting and support for over 25 years and have seen all the pitfalls that a badly planned migration can throw at you.

We are equally at home spending 2 days migrating  document storage to a cloud archive or spending 18 months migrating over 64,000 servers and associated applications as a green field implementation on cloud.

We are especially proud of our database platform expertise, recognised by Oracle and Microsoft as well as a the majority of Open Source developers which means we are one of few partners who are trusted by vendors and customers alike to deliver best practise cloud migrations. Our managed service pedigree means that on go live of a successful migration, we can also manage that cloud environment for you.

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Main Benefits of Migrating to GCP

Total Cost of Ownership

GCP provides an improved TCO against not only a traditional On Premise estate, through removing the need to purchase and manage hardware and data center space but also in a like for like cloud cost comparison against its major competitors.


GCP has a 'security first approach' that has been developed over the last 15 years of building globally accessed search and Gmail services. Encryption is default in transit and at rest across all services. The GCP network and partner infrastructure ensures minimum hops between networks, reducing the risk of a breach. 

Google's Own Network

GCP is built on one of the largest global networks including a private network between all of its data centres. This provides a speed advantage as well as security and scale advantages over its competitors.

Performance & Scale

Google's biggest reference site is itself. "Googling" accounts for 3.5 billion searches per day. 2.3 billion people access YouTube each month. There are 1.5 billion active Gmail users. Google spends over $25 billion in R&D to keep ahead of the curve.

Best of Breed Analytics

BigQuery has long been considered the benchmark for high performance, hyper scaling online data warehousing. Add in the integrated ML features and front end data visualisation and it will be the data platform of choice for many years to come.

Open Source Champion

Google has been the champion of Open Source all through its life. Whether that's Kubernetes for container management or TensorFlow for ML, Google is committed to Open Source. This takes away your risk of vendor lock in and makes GCP the most friendly cloud for a multi cloud / hybrid environment. 

DSP's Migration Methodology


The first step when migrating our customers to GCP is to conduct an in-depth discovery call. This call will consist of understanding exactly what kind of cloud model will suit your business the best. Whether that's a full migration to GCP or a partial hybrid, Cloud@Customer approach or even as a component in a multi-cloud strategy.

This discovery call will involve a GCP Data Architect, as well as your dedicated Account Director so you can understand both the technical and commercial sides of any potential cloud model.

You should leave this stage knowing which approach is right for you as well as other commercial and technical impacts; such as  how to design for redundancy and availability.


With the cloud model now agreed, the next stage of the GCP Cloud Migration process is the actual migration.

The Data Architect who joined your discovery call will stay with you throughout your journey to cloud, and will lead a team of certified GCP Engineers to carry out the migration. The scope of the migration will be unique to you. However, what is consistent is that every migration includes a transition into support to ensure your cloud environment is ready to go when handed over.


After a successful migration, the majority of our customers then continue with a DSP Managed Service. This entails proactive monitoring of your GCP environment on a 24*7*365 basis, with built-in health checks. Allow DSP to manage your cloud environment, so you can focus on managing your business.

Continue Your Journey to GCP

Whether you are in need of temporary storage to support an office move, a hybrid strategy to support a mix of sensitive applications, assistance in developing a multi cloud strategy or an urgent move to support a hardware failure, DSP have the skills and relevant experience to move you to GCP (or OCI and Azure).

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