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King's College Oracle E-Business Suite Managed Services Case Study

Oracle E-Business Suite Managed Service Case Study


Claremont (now DSP) partnered with the University to migrate its Oracle databases from its existing hardware platform which was approaching end of life

Oracle E-Business Suite
Managed Services


King's College London is a world-renowned research university in London, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1829 and is one of the oldest and largest universities in the country. King's College London is known for its academic excellence, research-intensive approach, and strong reputation in medicine, law, and humanities.

Several years ago, Claremont (now DSP) began supporting King's College London by providing valuable insight into their Oracle E-Business Suite estate and delivering best practices in technology estate management. The University previously worked with sub-optimal, ageing, and expensive hardware that needed upgrading and was keen to work with an experienced technology partner to assist with data migration and best practices. As a result, we stabilised the systems and provided highly experienced Oracle Database Administrators, including Oracle Human Resource and Payroll specialists, to oversee and manage their systems.

Kings College London Oracle EBS Managed Services Case Study

"Claremont (now DSP) has been our partner for Oracle support, consultancy, and licensing for over 5 years and I really appreciate the expertise and value they provide."

King's College London


The Challenge

When faced with ageing technology, Claremont (now DSP) swiftly tackled the business challenges, ensuring platform stability. Our team provided King's College London with invaluable insights into their Oracle E-Business Suite and shared best practices for technology estate management. The university had previously dealt with suboptimal, costly, and outdated hardware that needed upgrading. To aid with data migration and optimal practices, King's College sought out an experienced technology partner, and we were able to provide the Managed Service expertise they needed.

The Solution

The Oracle HR and Payroll managed services Claremont (now DSP) provided focused on delivering a high-quality proactive service to King’s College, working as a true partnership between the University's technical team and us. These services are supported by UK staff and overseen by a Service Manager who delivers monthly reports to the King’s College technical teams. The monthly review covers preventative maintenance and highlights problems before they happen.

In addition to providing operational support on its servers, Claremont (now DSP) continues to act in an advisory role regarding streamlining Oracle Licensing to ensure that costs are reduced whilst maintaining compliance with Oracle licensing.

We supported King’s College by re-licensing their Oracle database estate, delivering significant cost savings. Assistance is also provided to King’s College on an adhoc basis covering database upgrades, server maintenance, data migration and data extracts, and advising the university on disaster recovery plans.

The Result

With a considerable number of students and staff accessing these databases, the benefits of our service to King’s College have meant that the stability of the systems has been improved as well as reducing costs and downtime. In addition, the team at the University is now supported by a whole group of our highly experienced Database Administrators and Oracle payroll specialists.

Unlike other Managed Services Providers, Claremont (now DSP) offers our clients a resolution service level agreement (SLA). In the past year, King’s College has raised 68 system faults, which have all been resolved by our team well within the agreed service levels. A vital example of this is with Priority 1 faults.

The relationship has meant that recruitment and retention of in-house Oracle specialists were not required, thus saving costs and benefitting from a specialist partner who can anticipate and advise on problems before they arise, ensuring systems are secure, uninterrupted and performing optimally.


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