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Microsoft Data Services

As business collects data,
are you exploiting it to its full potential?

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Minimise your data costs

Minimise your data costs and discover how much DSP could save you. 

Minimise Data Costs

Data Options

Explore options for data management and discover how it can benefit your business. 

Data Management

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Microsoft Data Analytics

Data is the heartbeat of all modern businesses, allowing deeper understanding and insight into customer behaviour - by using our Data Analytics Services you can make more informed decisions... taking your business to the next level.

Microsoft Data Platform

Whether you are new to data management and want to understand the possibilities or you have data management experience but want to simplify the process and reduce costs, we cover the whole spectrum.

Microsoft Cloud Platform

To achieve Microsoft Gold Partner and Tier 1 CSP status, we have worked tirelessly. We are proud to be trusted by our customers for the management of their mission critical data both in Azure and on On-prem.

SQL Server Azure

Azure’s SQL Database is a fully managed relational cloud database service built for developers. It uses built-in intelligence that learns specific business’s database patterns in order to tailor a database for maximised protection and performance. Maintenance is simple and reliable and app development becomes more efficient for increased productivity.


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SQL Server Azure


Azure BI


Azure BI

Integrate Azure SQL Database with Power BI to interact with large volumes of data, create interactive reports, and gain insight from data visualisations. Power BI for Azure lets you get all your data in one place, making decisions more informed and processes faster than ever. By allowing developers to introduce products more quickly, businesses can expect reduced costs and increased revenue.


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Customer Success Stories

Don't just take our word for it,  explore how companies are using Microsoft Data Services to gain competitive advantage.

Microsoft Data Services

Microsoft Data Services


Microsoft Data Services

Microsoft Data Services