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Considering a move to Azure?

A move to Azure brings considerable advantages to your operations - from greater agility to freeing up time for more value-add activities.

A digital transformation needs careful planning and execution, but if you manage each stage effectively with the right partner, you will see the benefits straight away.


Looking to move to Azure?

Migrating to Azure cloud is the obvious choice for many organisations, but that doesn't mean it's straight-forward. As a leading Microsoft Gold Partner, DSP offers specialist advice for every stage of a move to Azure.

From the planning stage - to get it right first time, license terms and usage rights, managing the migration itself, to ongoing monitoring post-migration, our team’s wealth of experience is here for you at all times.

With us, you’ll have confidence that your move to Azure will be a stress-free success.

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Our services to help you move to Azure

Azure Assessments

Plan and prepare for a move to Microsoft Azure in the future.

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On-Premise to Azure Migrations

Get specialist advice on a smooth move to Microsoft Azure.

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Multicloud Integrations

Unite technologies to make the best of your infrastructure.

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Azure Virtual Desktop

Have confidence your remote set up is secure, stable and flexible.

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What to consider for a move to Azure

Finding the right Azure partner

An experienced and effective migration partner will give you: 

  • Preparation for Azure from on-premise 
  • Transparent cost modelling  
  • Seamless migration experience 
  • Fully compliant security 
  • Rapid disruption response 

Thanks to our scale and insights, we’re perfectly equipped to support you. By using accurate consumption assessment and effective cost modelling, we create the best model for your needs. And our ongoing monitoring will help you avoid falling foul of one of the most common problems – underestimating usage.

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Finding the right Azure model

Customers have different requirements, depending on the stage of their migration journey. We offer different models to give you the guidance you require:

  • Re-host: For customers who have already decided to migrate and selected a Cloud provider
  • Re-platform: For customers who have selected a Cloud provider for migration and want to transform workloads as part of the project
  • Enterprise assessment: For customers who are uncertain about cloud migration strategy and want to first understand the implications before making any decisions

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Optimising finances

Moving your on-site infrastructure to a CSP model has a wealth of benefits - from shifting the costs from CapEx to OpEx to saving time on maintenance. 

However, there is a range of Azure billing models to choose from, which organisations often find difficult to navigate. We can advise on selecting the best model for you, so that you optimise your approach at the outset, and know it will meet your evolving needs as well.

We can also help post-migration, to ensure there are no unpleasant billing surprises in the future. That means you can continually balance costs, flexibility and risk for the best results.

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Take a look at some of our Azure projects...

EPos Logic: Azure Migration

Leading pharmaceutical supplier selects DSP to design and implement their migration to Microsoft Azure. 

David Philips: Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure

Furniture retailer David Philips achieved improved performance, scalability and cost with a Hybrid Azure cloud solution.


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