Moving Workloads to Azure

Moving Workloads to Azure
Moving Workloads to Azure

Moving Workloads to Azure


Digitally-driven workflows have increased cloud IP business traffic exponentially, and the cloud is what makes this possible. The ability to develop apps on Azure helps developers ‘future-proof’ their work. It’s not just about staying up-to-date, however, because developing on the cloud offers several benefits to help businesses both reduce costs and increase efficiency.

By implementing IaaS, organisations can save by virtualising their infrastructure, meaning significantly less equipment to invest in and less costly, more streamlined scalability. PaaS offers the additional money-saving benefit by taking over important tasks like antivirus software and patches or hardware updates.

But moving workloads to the cloud is particularly advantageous to developers, with an average development time reduced by 12% for those developing on the cloud. The cloud also optimises apps for the many different mobile devices available.

Microsoft Azure allows developers to safely move their workloads to the cloud with minimal disruption; experience the benefits of automated updates, flexibility, cost reduction, and the highest availability.


DevOps in Azure

DevOps is about bringing together people, processes, and products through operations and development engineers working together throughout service lifecycles, from design to development to support. Azure makes DevOps simple, fast, and cost-effective with the resources you need to meet your objectives.

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Test and Dev in Azure

Microsoft Azure allows you solve delays in creating and managing consistent development and test environments on your terms through a scalable, on-demand infrastructure.

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Disaster Recovery in Azure

By automating protection and replication of virtual machines and offering customisable recovery plans and remote health monitoring, Azure make sure that your business has definite insurance in the event of a disaster.

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Backup and Archive in Azure

Whether it’s to avoid costly business interruptions or to meet compliance requirements, you need to protect your data and applications, whether they are on-site or in the cloud. Azure lets you extend your on-premises backup storage and data archiving solutions to the cloud to make your business more cost-efficient and less complex.

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Azure | Hybrid Integration

API-centric connectivity helps you position your business for the future. Microsoft’s API Management solution can help you publish your APIs to external and internal consumers, making all of your applications and data ready and available to the world. 

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Azure | High Performance Computing

By aggregating computer power, systems can deliver much higher performance than a typical desktop computer or workstation, allowing business to tackle big problems or significantly increase productivity. With Azure, you can tap into unlimited resources to scale your high-performance computing jobs. 

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Azure | Mainframe Migration

Bring your mission-critical mainframe applications to the most agile cloud platform available, run them securely around the world and reduce your infrastructure costs. 

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Azure | Serverless computing

Serverless computing is the abstraction of servers, infrastructure, and operating systems. It let you spend all your time building and deploying fantastic applications, rather than using your time managing servers, because your servers are managed for you.

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Azure | Monitoring

Performance issues in the cloud app can impact your business and with multiple interconnected components and frequent releases, degradations can happen at any time. With monitoring, you can be the first to find out about performance issues and address them directly, before your users discover them. Microsoft Azure has a range of tools to help you monitor your database and resolve any problems that might come up. 

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