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MySQL and GDPR compliance can be tough to navigate. If you use MySQL Community Edition, DSP can help you check your compliance with GDPR legislation.



As a result of the GDPR legislation that came into force in the UK in 2018, it’s crucial that organisations review and determine whether their applications running on MySQL Community Edition are compliant with that legislation.

If any of your applications contain ‘personally identifiable information'? (PII in GDPR speak), it’s a high likelihood that you are not going to be GDPR compliant, and remaining on MySQL Community Edition is not a viable option for you.

We can help with a MySQL and GDPR review, where our MySQL specialists can assess your database and applications. This review may determine that it’s necessary to move to MySQL Enterprise Edition. This is a low-cost, high-performance, and secure option, which is popular with many MySQL users – particularly for those not yet ready to move to the cloud, but who have mission-critical applications holding important proprietary information.

We can help with migrations to MySQL Enterprise Edition as well. With us, you know that your data will be in a safe pair of hands and your transition will be a seamless one, giving you an upgrade that will work for you now and in the future.

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Why Enterprise Edition for GDPR?

Upgrading to Enterprise Edition provides many advantages over the free Community Edition including:

  • Transaction Data Encryption or TDE - a GDPR requirement
  • An ‘Enterprise Class’ firewall
  • ‘Built-in’ monitoring (other open source tools are available but don’t provide the same level of functionality or integration)
  • The ability to deliver audit trails - a GDPR requirement
  • Online or real-time backup
  • Unlimited and ‘follow the sun’ support from one of the worlds largest software vendors
  • Responsive bug fixes as critical headline security vulnerabilities are identified
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