Oracle MySQL Cloud Service

Oracle MySQL Cloud Service
Oracle MySQL Cloud Service

The world renowned open source database in the Oracle Cloud for your enterprise needs: Oracle MySQL Cloud Service delivers an enterprise-grade MySQL database service that rapidly, securely and cost-effectively delivers modern applications, powered by the world’s most popular open source database. Industries are currently being disrupted and totally reinvented by digital transformation. Digital technology has rapidly changed everything and will continue to, creating both unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Organisations need to innovate faster and respond to changes rapidly in order to provide new services in line with the ever-changing customer expectations.

Oracle MySQL Cloud Service, built upon Oracle’s proven MySQL Enterprise Edition and powered by the Oracle Public Cloud, provides a simple, automated, integrated and enterprise-ready MySQL cloud service enabling you to drive digital transformation initiatives and deploy modern applications globally at scale.

Key Features

  • Best-in-class management tools automate administrative tasks such as provisioning, patching, backup & recovery, monitoring & tuning
  • Self-service provisioning creates pre-configured MySQL databases optimised specifically for performance
  • Hot, online and non-blocking backup, point-in-time recovery and on-demand snapshots support
  • Elastically scale infrastructure resources, MySQL replicas and MySQL thread resources
  • Replication and replication monitoring for High Availability
  • Multi-layered data security includes network access control, MySQL Enterprise Authentication, MySQL Enterprise Firewall, MySQL Enterprise Encryption & Transparent Data Encryption and MySQL Enterprise Audit
  • Integrated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure & Platform services for rapid development & deployment
  • Single point of contact for support across the entire infrastructure, including MySQL support directly from the experts

Key Benefits

  • Increase Business Agility: Focus your resources on innovation and rapidly develop new modern applications
  • Ensure Security, Performance and Uptime: relying on the most comprehensive MySQL Cloud platform – directly from the source
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership: Saving on infrastructure and database management operations costs while improving uptime


Get going in just a few clicks, and easily move workloads between on-premises deployments and the cloud.

  • Easy to Use. Oracle MySQL Cloud Service provides a simple and user-friendly web-based console to manage your MySQL Cloud instances. A REST API and command line tool is also available to tech-savvy administrators.
  • Familiar MySQL Tools. Use your familiar best-in-class MySQL tools including MySQL Enterprise Monitor, Query Analyzer and MySQL Workbench to manage and monitor performance and availability of all your MySQL instances
  • “Lift & Shift” Migrations and Hybrid Deployments. Relying on the exact same database platform on-premises and in the cloud allows your DevOps team to easily migrate existing applications to the cloud, move workloads between on premises deployments and the cloud and architect hybrid deployments.


Oracle MySQL Cloud Service automates labor-intensive and time-consuming database administration tasks, allowing enterprises to focus resources on innovation:

  • Lifecycle Management. From provisioning, patching, deletion to monitoring, Oracle MySQL Cloud Service reduces administrative efforts and costs.
  • Backup and Recovery. Oracle MySQL Cloud Service supports hot, online and non-blocking backup, point-in-time recovery and on-demand snapshots. Users can easily backup and recover their MySQL database instances with just a few clicks.
  • Global Scalability. Automated scaling enables users to elastically scale compute and storage resources as well as MySQL replicas. The MySQL Thread Pool provides sustained performance and scalability facing ever increasing user, query and data loads.
  • High Availability. MySQL Replication and MySQL replication monitoring improve application uptime.


Oracle MySQL Cloud Service is integrated with Oracle Public Cloud at both infrastructure and platform layers, providing a seamless experience for application development and deployment.

  • PaaS Integration. Pre-integrated with Oracle Cloud Application Development offerings such as Oracle Java Cloud Service and Oracle Application Container Cloud Service; developers can quickly spin up a development environment for timely development.
  • IaaS Integration. Pre-integrated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure; organisations can choose to backup data to Oracle Storage Cloud, setup a virtual private network between Oracle Cloud and on-premises infrastructure and build custom MySQL applications on Oracle Compute Cloud Service using common programming languages (JDBC, ODBC,.NET, PHP, Python, etc.) supported by MySQL Cloud Service

Enterprise Ready

With Oracle’s proven MySQL Enterprise Edition, MySQL Cloud Service delivers the performance, security and uptime to address your enterprise needs. Organisations can run production applications globally at scale, accelerating international expansion without incurring significant capital expenditures.

  • Multi-layered Security. From accessing Oracle Public Cloud to MySQL Cloud Service instances to data stored in MySQL, Oracle MySQL Cloud Service offers enterprise-grade security features including network access control, MySQL Enterprise Firewall, MySQL Enterprise Authentication, MySQL Enterprise Encryption & Transparent Data Encryption and MySQL Enterprise Audit to ensure your data is protected against external attacks and misuse of information while helping you achieve regulatory compliance.
  • Unified Cloud Management. Oracle Enterprise Manager allows you to manage your entire Oracle environment from a “single pane of glass”.
  • Oracle Premier Support. MySQL technical support is provided by the experts, straight from the source, and backed by the engineers developing the MySQL solutions to solve your most complex issues and help you make the most of your MySQL deployments. Additionally, Oracle Premier Support represents a one-stop support solution for both cloud infrastructure and MySQL related issues.

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