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Supply Chain Management Support

Supply Chain Management Support

Supply Chain Management Support

Efficient management of the supply chain has never been so important to business's and this has been highlighted by the events of the pandemic where both processes and resourcing levels have been stretched to the maximum to provide efficient receipt and distribution of products/goods and services. Those businesses that understand overall productivity and efficiency, will be the ones whom benefit from financial improvement and enhancing the bottom line. Ensuring efficiency is the fundamental objective of any SCM but equally optimising your transportation and logistics model is crucial with various other IT systems and being able to automate order inception through to shipment will have a huge impact. Quality improvement and being better able to identify bottlenecks in the supply chain processes via key software and reporting will help mitigate risk of missed orders, shipments and ultimate supplier / customer frustration.

The SCM Goal

  • Provide advanced planning and scheduling along every step of your supply chain
  • Maximise output on bottleneck resources to boost revenues
  • Provide visibility of capacity and improved communication across the entire business and the omni-channel mode
  • Increase the possibilities for perfect order fulfilment and minimised logistical costs

The SCM Challenge

  • Integrating best of breed software systems which have grown over time rather than being designed as a complete SCM implementation
  • Scale and performance are crucial – innovative and seamless SCM processes are great but IT systems must have be able to handle and grow with business volumes / complexity
  • Limited granularity of data i.e. being able to make efficient split second decisions on supply based on any external factors
  • Spreading the risk and avoiding single source models means additional complexity of IT systems and integration demands
  • Capturing and reporting financials across all aspects of the business relies on high performance and complex data models
  • Lack of insights and data still slowing business's down

The DSP Solution

Your business's specific needs will ultimately decide the solution. However, below are the most common solutions to solve SCM challenges.

  1. Managed Services to ensure SCM systems are available 24x7x365
  2. Data Platform Modernisation - design and architect systems to facilitate growth across the business and accelerate speed of period close
  3. Data Reporting & Insights – deploying AI and Machine Learning to spot trends and enable effective decision making
  4. Performance Review - improve speed of reporting and period close to give decision makers key financial and trading results

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