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IT Healthcare Solutions

Improve collaboration, enhance data collection and accelerate care



Smart Solutions for Health and Social Care

The NHS is experiencing huge investment in digital technology and it’s going to transform the sector. It will improve patient outcomes and access to care, and allow staff to work 'smartly' and more collaboratively.

DSP has provided the health and social care sector with digital solutions for decades. We are uniquely placed to help healthcare providers embrace the power of technology to address their challenges. Our services include:

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We're proud to be the leading APEX application developer in the UK. We have a broad range of experience and large portfolio of application development across the health and social care sector. We work in partnership with customers to deliver to your exact requirements and can also provide ongoing cover.

We understand that a
pplications are going to play a key part in the future of healthtech. Bespoke applications can easily be defined, developed and updated at pace, and can include the following outcomes:

  • Accessing and connecting data from disparate sources
  • Deploying on browsers and smart devices, to use in-situ
  • Plugging gaps in interoperability
  • Adapting to changes and updates quickly
  • Reacting rapidly to current and future requirements for new applications

NHS York Case Study

We’re particularly proud of our recent work with York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to overhaul their night-shift bleep system with a mobile tasking app. This improved efficiency and insight for all users; and we did it in record time!

"What we needed was a system that makes it easy for a nurse to request a task and easily monitor how many tasks have been created. The system would also need to know whether a task has been completed, how long people have been waiting, and clinical information for triage."


Head of Systems Development
York Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust

Our Full Range of Application Development Services

Modernising Oracle Forms

DSP has been involved in a significant number of Oracle Forms related development projects with APEX when customers have chosen to move away from Oracle Forms.



New Application Development

Extremely fast development, taking a customer concept to working prototype in minutes – from defining new data structures through to visualising data and functionality.


Oracle APEX Developer Resource

No matter how complex, our team translate intricate and multifaceted requirements into simple application specifications for development and implementation.


Oracle E-Business Suite Extensions

Oracle EBS applications enable organisations to manage the complexities of their day to day operations, no matter the size.


APEX Training Courses

Our Oracle APEX training courses, in the UK, are split into Foundation (3 days) and Advanced (3 days) courses. Designed for companies that recognise the value in learning directly from an expert APEX developer.



When APEX is deployed on Oracle Cloud there is no need for any Oracle Database licenses. Multitenant architecture is included to keep your customers data separate and customer billing for your customers with a SaaS framework is also included.


Oracle APEX Managed Services

The availability of your business-critical applications is our top priority, and with access to a team of developers and technical consultants, who are on standby to respond to, and seek to resolve, any issues that your users encounter. 


APEX Data Visualisation and Reporting

APEX is an extremely powerful reporting and data visualisation tool to expose disparate data. 


We're used to plotting data and 2D trends to deliver insight, but the shape of data is changing. The health and social care sector needs advanced methods of analysis to cope with massively dimensional data. We build bespoke AI solutions to help your company automate, optimise and extract insights to improve your products and services.

Machine learning can help with:

  • Clinical Analytics
  • Early Diagnosis
  • Automated Administration

Cochlear Implants Meets Machine Learning

DSP collaborated with the National Institute for Health Research, using Oracle Data Science Services to improve the Cochlear Implant experience and reduce the number of appointments a patient requires.

Using machine learning, data visualisation and analytics, we spotted patterns, trends and correlation which improved the selection of settings for the implants.  


Prior to billing you can provide us with a problem brief and sample data, our team of in-house data scientists can then go to work investigating whether machine learning can help you.

This process involves data exploration, cleaning, and visualisation. The findings of this investigation will then be provided to you in a follow up meeting, any problems can be addressed, and a project statement will be made - it's your choice if you would like to continue from this point onwards.

Model Building

This is where the magic happens. Model building commences, our team will proceed to create, train, and test machine learning models tailored to your data and your problem.

This is an iterative process during which we use our expertise to evaluate our selection of models, find the one with the best performance, and demonstrate to you how the model performs.



When you're happy with the value that machine learning can provide,  we can either hand off deployment to you, or we can deploy the model for you. This involves containerising the model and deploying it to a location where its availability suits you. Whether or not we handle the deployment we can always provide maintenance, in order to fix problems or improve upon the model in light of new data.

Database Managed Services are at the core of our business, whether that's on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid model. We have been delivering database managed services for over 25 years, and proudly prevent issues rather than react to them. 

Benefits of a database managed service include:

  • Cost saving of up to 70% in IT costs
  • 24x7x365 support
  • Enhanced Database Performance

“Working with DSP has helped greatly in our ability to move forwards with improvements to our data environments. DSP provided sound advice and guidance in regards to our plans and as a result, we achieved our objectives and thus, are in a stronger place for the future.

The expertise provided clearly demonstrated a good understanding of our requirements. Working with DSP was an empowering experience which we appreciate."


IT and Database Manager
The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust


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