Get more from your application with a JD Edwards Cloud migration

As a highly certified Oracle partner, DSP is ideally placed to assist with a JD Edwards cloud migration, delivering a seamless transition so you can start experiencing the benefits of cloud from the outset.

JD Edwards Cloud Migration

JD Edwards Cloud Migration

DSP is a certified Oracle partner. We have a long-established pedigree in offering advice and support to organisations undertaking a JD Edwards cloud migration, helping to make the most of what a move to the cloud offers.

We’ve typically helped customers who have invested years into their mission-critical app environment, and done deep customisations and integrations with other apps and components to suit unique organisational needs. This can make a move to the cloud challenging, which is why our customers have come to us. We have conducted many on-premises to cloud migrations and know how to make the whole process a seamless, secure experience.

We have a certified team of DBAs who have tried and tested experience in application migrations. Working with us results in reduced costs and enhanced performance from the very start of your move to the cloud.


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Main benefits of migrating JD Edwards to Oracle Cloud

  • 38% lower TCO vs on-premise
  • 63% lower TCO vs AWS
  • Superior performance backed by SLAs
  • Unique capabilities enhance infrastructure availability, security, and control
  • Fast, secure, seamless migration with DSP

The on-premise problems

Many of our customers who have conducted a JD Edwards cloud migration, do so because maintaining their hardware presents several challenges.

Firstly, managing hardware in-house means constant planning for capacity and difficulty in scaling at pace – expensive overprovisioning is often necessary. Upgrades are also costly, time-consuming, and risky, so much so that it's often deferred, leaving systems on outdated technology. Secondly, there are challenges of maintaining OS and database patches, in addition to agility issues when it comes to bringing in new features, integrations and new development environments, QA, and production environments at the speed your business truly needs.

The Oracle Cloud solution

Oracle Cloud provides a better way to keep a personalised JD Edwards environment and at the same time realise cost savings, performance gains, and operational improvements.

JD Edwards customers who have moved to the cloud consistently realise lower TCO compared to on-premises and other cloud vendors. Our customers see a superior performance, like doubling reporting speed during month-end.

Finally, OCI has been ideal for enterprise customers who need the highest levels of availability, so there's no single point of failure. At the same time, Oracle's security and governance offerings allow you to maintain control using familiar tools and techniques.

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Some of our Oracle Cloud customers

JD Edwards Case Study

JD Edwards Cloud Migration

Lifescan decided to migrate their JD Edwards to Oracle Cloud to achieve cost savings and enhanced performance. They improved their user satisfaction due to notable performance improvements with cloud-delivered applications. This also provided self-service functionality to more than 1,900 suppliers.


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