IFS on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - better performance and value, without the complexity

For organisations committed to IFS, moving to an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) hosted solution has a number of compelling benefits. DSP is a specialist OCI expert who, acting as a single point of contact with your trusted IFS partner can ensure a successful transition to OCI and long-term outcomes for IFS users. 


Value and performance with IFS on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

IFS is a powerful and versatile platform that helps businesses grow. It’s easy to deploy, innovative and provides a comprehensive suite of tools for managing operational processes. Whether you are on an older version of IFS and facing performance or supportability issues, or moving to IFS Cloud and looking to manage the new cloud stack, hosting IFS with a cloud provider like Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a compelling option.

For IFS users on Apps 9 or Apps 10, (particularly those who don’t have IFS Cloud in their short-term roadmap) hosting on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers a cost-effective improvement in supportability and performance. And for those on IFS Cloud, or upgrading soon, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure hosting assists with evaluation, decision-making, and continuous improvement, helping you to get more from your application, without costing the earth.

An additional benefit of moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is you can begin by paying only for development, adding live when required, something which isn’t available with other hosting providers. This means considerable savings and is ideal for companies with medium-term projects.

When moving to an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure hosting solution, DSP acts as a single point of contact for any and all issues, be that infrastructure, database, web server or the IFS application itself. We are a highly certified Oracle partner and work with accredited IFS partners to ensure a continuity of service, so that your IFS application always delivers for your organisation.

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Why move your IFS application to an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solution

  • Ease of manageability - DSP acts as a single point of contact for everything
  • Reduced hosting costs
  • Improved performance, scalability and security
  • Elasticity for compute; especially when moving to OOTB processes over time

Some of our OCI customers

Take a look at some of our projects...

PRIMEdge: IFS to OCI Migration

Manufacturer and supplier of knife sharpening equipment successfully moves its IFS application to an OCI hosted solution.

Thungela: HFM on OCI

Coal producer and exporter implements Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) on OCI.


LNER: OCI Deployment

DSP delivered an Oracle Cloud and ADW Data Ingest project resulting in reduced data loading speeds and improved scalability.

North of England Care System Support: OCI Migration

DSP supported the migration of their  applications to OCI and continues to provide CSP Managed Service to ensure continued high performance.



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