Put your PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud migration in a safe pair of hands.

DSP is a trusted Oracle partner who can ensure that your PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Migration is a secure, seamless, and stress-free experience.

PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Migration

PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Migration

DSP is a trusted Oracle partner who can ensure that your PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud migration is a secure, seamless, and stress-free experience.

For many of our PeopleSoft customers, their application is one of the most customised, relied upon, mission-critical parts of their digital environment. It’s often integrated with other apps, customised to meet specific needs, and is the heartbeat of their business operations.

That’s why moving to Oracle Cloud may seem like an insurmountable challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. At DSP, we have supported numerous businesses to migrate their PeopleSoft applications to Oracle Cloud. We have a certified team of DBAs who have tried and tested experience in application migrations, resulting in reduced costs and enhanced performance from the outset.

With us, you’ll have the confidence that your heavily customised PeopleSoft application in which you’ve invested so much, is in a safe pair of hands, and you can quickly future-proof your organisation and immediately start reaping the benefits of Cloud technology.

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Main benefits of migrating PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud with DSP

  • Up to 43% lower TCO vs on-premise
  • Up to 63% lower TCO vs AWS
  • Superior performance backed by SLAs
  • Unique capabilities enhance infrastructure availability, security, and control
  • Fast, secure, seamless migration with DSP
  • 2-10x faster reporting time

Why migrate PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud?

The On-Premise Problems

Hardware is hard to scale on-demand because it's difficult to calculate capacity. Consequently, you're likely to over-provision to make sure you aren't caught short during peaks. It's also expensive and time-consuming to upgrade your hardware, which also comes with the risk that you're running your application on dated hardware.

Keeping the application on-premise updated is another challenge. Maintaining OS and patching is a difficult and lengthy task. Furthermore, creating a new development environment, QA, and production environments at the speed required is impossible on-premise.


The Oracle Cloud Solution

Oracle Cloud provides cost savings, enhanced performance and operational improvements, while keeping the same customised, integrated PeopleSoft. TCO can be up to 43% lower when migrating to Oracle Cloud, and up to 63% cheaper than AWS. It can mean more than double reporting speed during month-end and quarter-end. Oracle Cloud is also the only cloud to backup performance of core infrastructure services with service-level guarantees.

With our knowledge and experience of Cloud migrations, you'll be able to migrate in weeks and deploy in hours, and get the benefits of enhanced performance and cheaper costs immediately.


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