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Oracle Cloud Proof of Concept

Let us demonstrate the capabilities of Oracle Cloud and how we can facilitate your business. 

Oracle Cloud Proof of Concept

So what is Oracle Cloud? The term “cloud” means many different things to many different people. Some say that it’s just another term for outsourcing and hosting of IT systems traditionally deployed on-premise, while Oracle promotes it as a complete and integrated set of layered technologies and services. Remember this – unless you can control the entire stack from application to disk you cannot provide a true cloud solution.

DSP-Explorer uses Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to allow customers to develop new applications and consumes specific services like Backup, Business Intelligence, and Test/Dev Database environments in the cloud. Combine these Public Cloud services with Engineered Systems, and you have an enterprise grade, Hybrid Cloud architecture maximising the value of your Oracle assets on-premise and in the cloud. Proving the value of cloud is essential. DSP-Explorer provides Proof of Concept services to customers that are looking at Public Cloud services such as PaaS & IaaS to replace or complement on-premise infrastructure.

Popular Oracle Cloud PoC’s include:

  • Creating database environments for non-prod environments
  • Test Data replication between on-premise and cloud with GoldenGate
  • Data archiving in the cloud
  • Separate tiers between AWS and Oracle Cloud
  • Test performance and network latency between AWS and Oracle
  • Lift and Shift VMware workloads to IaaS
  • Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX redevelopment
  • Backup and Recovery

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