Oracle Hyperion Migration

Move and Improve Hyperion to Oracle Cloud

Oracle Hyperion Migration

Oracle Hyperion Migration

For many years now you have been addressing your statutory, management, regulatory and operational reporting requirements using Hyperion EPM. You continue to reap the benefits of a mature product portfolio that has consistently ranked in the top right Gartner Magic Quadrant for years. You’ve invested years into your app environment, done deep customisations and integrations with other apps and components to suit your organisation's needs. In essence, you can’t run your business without it.

Oracle has recognised this by extending Premier Support for the Hyperion EPM suite to the end of 2031 at least.

Running Hyperion EPM in on-premise environments can make ongoing maintenance challenging, however, migrating to Oracle Cloud has multiple benefits which more and more companies are starting to realise.

The On-Premise Problem

If you're currently running Hyperion EPM on-premises, maintaining your application can be challenging in many ways...

In terms of hardware:

  • Managing facilities and hardware is not strategic

  • It's difficult to scale quickly and constant capacity planning is burdensome

  • Hardware refreshes are costly, risky and often deferred which weakens your security posture

Keeping your Hyperion application updated involves:

  • Maintaining OS and database patches

  • Accommodating new feature changes and integrations rapidly

  • The need to deploy new applications and environments quickly

The Oracle Cloud Solution

Migrate your current Hyperion EPM deployment to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and gain access to better elasticity to support peak seasons, agility to add new capabilities, streamlined infrastructure management, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition, only OCI offers consistent high performance at guaranteed service levels.

Achieve 39% lower TCO than on-premise and 17% lower TCO than AWS. As well up to 10x faster processing speed and no single point of failure.

At DSP-Explorer, we have been in business for over 25 years and our experienced team of award-winning certified DBAs have the expertise and experience to ensure you'll have a smooth migration to OCI. With DSP-Explorer you can migrate in weeks.

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Main Benefits of Migrating Hyperion to Oracle Cloud

  • Up-to 39% lower TCO vs On-Prem
  • Up-to 17% lower TCO vs AWS
  • Up to 10x fast processing speed
  • Superior performance backed by SLAs
  • Unique capabilities enhance infrastructure availability, security, and control. No single point of failure
  • Fast, Secure, Seamless Migration with DSP-Explorer

Hyperion Migration Global Case Study

Discover how Alliance Data are saving over $1m a year by migrating their apps to Oracle Cloud, and also enjoying the benefits of enhanced performance and increased security.

If you'd like to discover more about migrating Hyperion to OCI, contact an experienced DSP-Explorer Account Director today. If you are looking to migrate any other applications to Oracle Cloud, make sure to refer to our Oracle Application Cloud Migration page for further information.

Oracle Hyperion Migration

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