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Since the Broadcom acquisition of VMware, users are facing rising costs and uncertainty. Moving your VMware estate in whole, or in part to Oracle Cloud could offer a way to reduce your on-premises exposure and avoid increases in costs, whilst retaining the administrative control and familiarity of your on-premises set-up but with the scale and agility of Oracle Cloud. Together with VMware expert Ascend Cloud Solutions, DSP can make your move to Oracle Cloud VMare Solution (OCVS) a seamless, de-risked experience, offering you long-term performance, value and peace of mind.

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Reduce costs and improve performance with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) 

Broadcom's acquisition of VMware in late 2023 disrupted the virtualisation landscape, leaving customers with uncertainty and drastically rising costs. Consequently, VMware users are looking at how to de-risk their on-premise position and reduce these costs in the most risk-free way. OCVS has emerged as a compelling option, potentially offering a way to avoid a significant renewal price hike, with predictable, cost-effective subscriptions, and all the modernising advantages of Cloud computing, but allowing customers to retain the same administrative controls.

There are a number of options available to VMware customers including:
  • A data centre exit, where all on-premise workloads are moved to the Cloud.
  • Expanding capacity in the Cloud by moving some workloads (for users not ready for a wholescale transformation) 
  • Building a disaster recovery solution instead.

Whatever option is best for your business, DSP and Ascend’s partnership can guide you throughout the transition and beyond. Ascend are VMware experts who can scope the project and carry out technical aspects of the migration, whilst DSP can deploy our expertise in Oracle to deliver the OCI elements of the project and provide ongoing support and managed services.

Together, we'll help you plan, configure, and optimise your new environment, maximising performance and value while adhering to compliance regulations. And, we’ll de-risk the move by deploying our best practice expertise, creating a seamless migration path which allows you to focus on other priorities whilst we take care of the technology. With DSP, you'll get the most value and performance possible from Oracle Cloud and VMware, enabling you to adapt, innovate, and thrive in the evolving virtualisation landscape.

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Why Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) might be right for you

1. Minimise Migration Effort

Leverage your existing VMware skills and tools with a native experience within Oracle Cloud. Seamlessly migrate your existing workloads without major changes, reducing downtime and resource requirements.

2. Reduced Costs

OCVS can lead to significant cost savings compared to renewed VMware licenses. You can maintain complete administrative control over your VMware estate while benefiting from the economies of scale offered by OCI.

3. Scalability and Agility

The Oracle Cloud infrastructure provides on-demand scalability and agility, allowing you to adapt to changing needs by scaling resources up or down as required.

4. Disaster Recovery Benefits

OCVS offers robust disaster recovery options with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) block storage and disaster recovery (DR) solutions. Leverage OCI's high-performance NVMe storage for predictable application performance and utilise Cloud-native disaster recovery solutions for simplified failover and faster recovery times.

5. Improved performance

OCI's block storage and disaster recovery features offer significant performance advantages. Benefit from OCI's high-performance NVMe storage for predictable application performance and utilise disaster recovery solutions built for the Cloud.

6. Streamlined management

Combined with Ascend, our expertise in both Oracle and VMware environments ensures a smooth migration to OCVS and ongoing support. We'll help you continually plan, configure, and optimise your environment for maximum performance and value. 

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Why choose DSP and Ascend as your Oracle Cloud migration partners?

DSP and Ascend understand the challenges you face with the recent changes to the VMware landscape. We combine our skills and expertise as a leading Oracle and VMware partner respectively to guide you through a smooth migration to OCVS and beyond. Here's how we can help:

  • Comprehensive Support: We provide end-to-end support throughout the entire migration journey, from planning and assessment to implementation and ongoing optimisation.
  • Cost Optimisation: Our Oracle licensing knowledge helps you achieve optimal cost savings on your migration to OCVS. We can also analyse your current environment and suggest optimisations to minimise renewal costs.
  • Risk reduction: We can help mitigate the risks associated with Cloud migration, such as downtime, data loss, and security vulnerabilities.
  • Modernisation Expertise: Beyond migration, we can help you modernise applications to leverage the full potential of OCVS and Oracle Cloud services.
  • Long-Term Strategy: We'll collaborate with you to develop a long-term IT strategy that leverages OCVS and potentially other Oracle Cloud offerings like Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) or Azure integration, depending on your specific needs.

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