Consultancy for high availability and disaster recovery for databases on OCI

High availability and disaster recovery aren’t luxuries, they are essential to ensure the integrity of business continuity. As a certified and experienced Oracle Cloud partner, we offer consultancy for high availability and disaster recovery for databases on OCI. We ensure you have a resilient database, optimised and cost-effective operations that are secure and compliant, and that ultimately give you peace of mind for if the worst happens.

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Consultancy for high availability and disaster recovery for databases on OCI

High availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) for databases on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) are crucial aspects of ensuring business continuity and minimising downtime. While Oracle Cloud offers built-in tools and services for both HA and DR, many companies lack the skills in-house to be confident in their procedures. DSP is a leading Oracle Cloud specialist, and we offer consultancy for high availability and disaster recovery for databases on OCI. With our services, you can be sure that should the worst happen, your data is protected and your downtime will be minimal.

Our HA provision ensures continuous database availability with little business impact from hardware or software failures. We’ll help you to choose the right strategy for you, depending on factors like your business requirements, tolerance for downtime, and budget.

For DR we’ll develop and deploy a solution that protects critical data and ensures business continuity even in unforeseen disaster scenarios. We’ll help you make the best use of Oracle Data Guard, Back Up and Restore, or DRaaS, so that whatever the event that has caused an outage, you can withstand it. 

We will work with your in-house teams to make sense of complexity and configure a HA and DR strategy that gives you the assurances you need, so you can know your database is always able to support your wider business. 

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“DSP brings years of experience about decisions on what to do and not do... they really are true experts. The time and pain DSP can save you is astonishing.”

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What are the benefits of working with DSP?

There are many reasons why companies look to bring in an external expert for their HA and DR provision. It can depend on specific requirements, budget, and available resources. If you have complex needs, lack the internal expertise, or simply want to avoid the operational burden, DSP will be a valuable partner in ensuring the uninterrupted availability and resilience of your most critical systems.

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Other benefits

  • Oracle Cloud expertise - we live and breathe Oracle technology. Our team of certified professionals has the know-how to craft and implement bespoke HA and DR strategies that fit your unique needs.
  • Make sense of complex architecture - setting up and maintaining effective HA and DR solutions can be complex, involving careful considerations like fault domains, storage options, failover procedures, and data replication strategies. DSP has the expertise and experience to navigate these complexities and design optimal solutions for your specific needs.
  • Be on the right side of compliance and regulations - depending on your industry and data, you will probably need to adhere to specific compliance regulations. With many HA and DA projects under our belt, we can ensure you meet all compliance requirements.
  • Optimisation and cost management built around you – we will help you optimise your Cloud infrastructure for HA and DR, ensuring you're using resources efficiently and minimising costs. We can also advise on best practices for ongoing management and maintenance of your solutions
  • Up to 24/7 monitoring and support – with DSP you gain access to dedicated professionals who can monitor your HA and DR systems on an up to 24/7 basis and provide expert support in case of any issues. Many of our customers have found our proactive approach has minimised downtime and ensured business continuity.
  • Custom solutions and integration – we don’t believe that one size fits all. If you have highly specific needs or complex environments, no problem! We will work with you to develop custom HA and DR solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and workflows.
  • Faster deployment - with DSP’s expertise, you can implement your HA and DR solutions faster and get your workloads up and running quickly.
  • Whole-business approach – we understand that decisions aren’t purely technical. When configuring an approach, we look at your business, your data, and your risk tolerance to find the right solution for you.
  • Reduced risk and workload – using DSP’s team of experts frees up your internal IT resources to focus on core business needs whilst the complexities of HA and DR remain in safe hands.
  • Peace of mind - knowing your data is protected and your systems are highly available gives you one less thing to worry about and allows you to focus on strategic initiatives.

Some of our Oracle Cloud customers

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DSP provided full Oracle Cloud support for Atrium Software (now MRI) databases, resulting in various benefits, from backup and recovery implementation to significant cost savings. 


NHS North of England Care System: OCI Migration and CSP

DSP supported NECS with the migration of their applications to OCI and continues to provide CSP Managed Service to ensure the best performance of their infrastructure.


London North Eastern Railway: OCI Deployment

DSP focuses on Oracle Cloud and ADW data ingest project for LNER which resulted in reduced data loading speeds, improved scalability and much more.


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