Oracle Essbase OCI Migration

DSP is a certified Oracle specialist who are ideally placed to assist organisations undertake an Oracle Essbase OCI migration.

Oracle Essbase OCI Migration

Oracle Essbase OCI Migration

As a long-standing, highly certified Oracle partner, we have helped numerous organisations with Oracle Essbase OCI migrations. For many of our customers, Essbase has become a fundamental part of their business and ensuring that a move to the cloud does not disrupt business performance is critical.

Our experts have a broad range of migration experience, across many different applications and platforms. When we say ‘we’ve seen it all before’, we really mean it! We’ll work in partnership with you to understand the complexities and unique aspects of your business and devise the best migration programme for you.

With us, your Oracle Essbase OCI migration will be a stress-free, secure and seamless experience, and you will start to see the benefits of moving to OCI from the outset.

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The on-premise problem

Customers who run Oracle Essbase on-premises often experience the same challenges: time-consuming maintenance, and expensive and difficult rightsizing – usually leading to overprovision. Businesses often defer upgrades, leaving their environment dated and vulnerable.

It is also a challenge keeping your Essbase updated, maintaining the operating system and carrying out patching. Businesses also have to be aware of new features and be able to deploy and integrate them rapidly to keep their environment up to date.

The Oracle Cloud solution

With Oracle Cloud, you'll keep that same Essbase application you have become accustomed to, but without having to worry about capacity or keeping your application up to date.

Migrating Essbase to Oracle Cloud will mean cost savings, enhanced performance and increased security. When migrating to OCI, it's crucial to choose an Oracle Partner that has the experience and expertise to get you there smoothly. DSP will ensure a stress-free and successful migration to OCI, transitioning your application across seamlessly.

Benefits of migrating Essbase to Oracle Cloud

  • Lower TCO than on-premises and competing clouds
  • Up to 10x faster reporting speed
  • Superior performance backed by SLAs
  • Unique capabilities enhance infrastructure availability, security and control
  • Fast, secure, seamless migration with DSP

Migration Methodology: The DSP Difference

Our motto is ‘Any Database | Any Cloud’, and whatever the nature of the migration, we have a long history of making it a smooth and successful journey. We have a range of vendor accreditations and are the only Oracle and Microsoft CSP in the UK. But it’s how we do things that really makes us stand out:


We understand that migrations are a significant undertaking and as much a commercial decision as a technical one. That’s why we work with you in close collaboration, putting a significant amount of effort into pre-migration preparation. We bring all stakeholders together to assess every available model and decide which one is the strategic best fit for your organisation.


Your migration is unique to you, but because of our wealth of migration experience, we have a tried and tested formula to make the process run smoothly. We’ll work in close partnership with your teams throughout the process to ensure that downtime is reduced to the absolute minimum and your estate is fully optimised with the highest levels of performance possible.


We don’t see the migration process as transactional, as many other partners do. We offer a complete wrap-around service to optimise your estate in the long term with services like proactive monitoring, regular health checks and performance reviews. This means you can focus on other priority areas of the business, assured in the knowledge that your infrastructure is safe with us.

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