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DSP is a specialised database and applications services provider. We offer a range of Oracle Cloud application services for companies looking to make the most of their investment in Cloud technology.

Oracle Applications Services

Specialised Oracle applications services

DSP is a leading Oracle partner with expertise across applications and databases, both on-premises and Cloud. Our comprehensive range of Oracle Cloud Application services are designed to help companies make a success of an ongoing investment in Cloud technology.

Our experts can offer advice and support on a range of Cloud applications. If you are considering moving to the Cloud, we can help you assess your readiness to make the transition and work with you to architect and strategise the best outcomes for you - now and in the future. We can then help you with the migration itself, ensuring limited downtime, total data security, and long-term integration with your other on-premises and Cloud applications.

We’ve been an Oracle partner for over 25 years, so when we say ‘we’ve seen it all’, we really mean it. Organisations use our expertise because we work in partnership with you to build solutions and services that consistently and reliably deliver long-term performance and value.

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Could your applications perform better on Oracle Cloud?

Our application-first approach to Cloud migration involves focusing on the migration of individual applications or workloads, rather than simply moving infrastructure to the Cloud. This approach requires a deep understanding of the specific requirements of each application, and then selecting the appropriate Cloud services and configurations to best support those requirements.

E-Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite is our speciality. We can help with upgrades, migrations, enhancements and support to help you make the most of what this application has to offer.


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Our specialists can help with implementations, extensions, upgrades and support. With us, you'll know that your employee data management is secure and delivering for your organisation.


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We'll help you implement, upgrade, manage and extend your Hyperion application, so you can make more effective decisions based on real-time information and data.

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We'll act in partnership with IFS partner Cooper Software as a single point of contact to ensure a successful transition to an Oracle Cloud hosting solution that delivers long-term value and performance.

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JD Edwards

With our guidance and support, you'll know you're getting optimum performance and value from your application. We can assist with migrations, enhancements and support.

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Have peace of mind that your mission-critical project management application is working at optimal capacity.  We help with upgrades, implementations, support and extensions.

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Our experts will help you deploy and manage your Essbase application so you know your analytics and reporting are reliably delivering insight and value to your organisation.

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We are an experienced WebLogic Server on OCI partner and have helped many organisations with migrations that maximise benefits and avoid common mistakes that can impact functionality. 

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Are your applications helping you reach your potential?

Application Modernisation

Many organisations with on-premises applications are realising they can get improved performance and value from hosting their applications in Oracle Cloud. DSP has worked with many organisations to execute an Oracle Cloud application modernisation project, helping them plan and conduct a move with ease and deliver long-term performance and value.

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Custom Applications

Custom-built applications, underpinned by Oracle Cloud, can help your organisation reach its full potential. DSP is experienced in delivering custom applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, either by creating a hosting solution or by building the entire application for your teams or customers.

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Some of our Application projects...

NHS Foundation Trust: Oracle APEX Application Development

Discover how DSP built a mobile tasking solution which transformed the experience of an NHS trust's employees and patients.

Young Enterprise: APEX Application Project

Read how DSP delivered an Oracle APEX application project for a national charity to move to a new host platform architecture in the cloud, resulting in a streamlined and consolidated application environment, better suited to enable them to carry out their valuable work. 



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