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Ensuring that your IT environment is secure is, of course, an essential undertaking. Threats are constantly evolving, and organisations must respond to them. Although Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management is a great tool for organisations to control access to Cloud resources, any configuration or modification must be properly administered, and many seek the support of an expert to help with this. DSP is an experienced Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management specialist, offering peace of mind that your IT environment is secure and protected from malicious activity.  

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OCI Identity and Access Management specialist

As threats are constantly evolving, so too must the response to them. Oracle has and continues to invest in market-leading security protocols in place and their OCI Identity and Access Management is a fantastic tool for organisations who want to ensure that only the right people access the right information, for the right reasons.

Ensuring the correct administration of this tool, however, is essential for it to operate effectively. That’s why many organisations look to DSP for guidance and support. We are an experienced OCI Identity and Access Management specialist who will help to configure and modify your solution to keep continue to keep your environment secure and the bad guys at bay!

Our team of experts have experience across the IT landscape (not just in Oracle) so we can help avoid common pitfalls, apply best practices and make sure you are meeting compliance and regulatory requirements. We can also find the most cost-effective configuration for you and the time saved by deploying our experts on your environment is a cost-saving in itself. We can also help with training your in-house team meaning you don’t have to do so yourself. 

Ultimately working with DSP will give you the reassurance that you are as prepared as possible to combat the threats within the cyber security landscape. 

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Benefits of working with DSP

Expertise and Experience

We have a deep understanding of OCI IAM and the broader Cloud security landscape so we can help you to develop and implement best practices, ensuring that your resources are properly secured.


Implementing and managing OCI IAM can be a time-consuming process, but with our expertise, we can get you up and running faster – and free up your in-house team to focus on other areas of value.

Cost Optimisation

We’ll work in partnership with your team to understand your requirements and help optimise your use of OCI IAM – often leading to cost savings.


Ensuring your IAM is aligned with your other systems (Oracle and non-Oracle) is an essential part of configuration and modifications, which our team can ensure is seamless. 


No matter your industry, we’ll help to ensure you meet all the regulatory and compliance requirements you need to adhere to. 

Some of our Oracle Cloud customers

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DSP supported NECS with the migration of their applications to OCI and continues to provide CSP Managed Service to ensure the best performance of their infrastructure.

London North Eastern Railway: OCI Deployment

DSP focuses on Oracle Cloud and ADW data ingest project for LNER which resulted in reduced data loading speeds, improved scalability and much more.


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