Understand and reduce your impact on the environment with a free Oracle carbon assessment from DSP

Like any responsible business, we are committed to sustainable practices and fighting climate change, and to helping our customers do the same.

Our specialists, in collaboration with Oracle, can provide a free Oracle Carbon Assessment to help organisations understand and minimise the impact of their Oracle estate on the environment – often making substantial infrastructure savings at the same time. 

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Meet your sustainability targets with DSP

The impact our business practices have on the environment is rightly high on the corporate agenda. The carbon footprint of an organisation’s IT infrastructure can be considerable, but reducing the negative effect on the environment is straightforward with the right advice and assistance.

As environmental regulation becomes increasingly stringent and companies set themselves ambitious targets, DSP offers a free Oracle Carbon Assessment to identify an organisation’s carbon footprint and provide guidance on lowering it. This will usually involve a consolidation exercise to simplify an estate and reduce wastage (a recent study found that 30% of corporate servers are in 'zombie mode' that contribute little but still consume energy). This has the added benefit of reducing unnecessary overheads as well – a win-win outcome for the business and the environment. 

An Oracle Carbon Assessment offers the opportunity to look at moving to the Cloud from a different angle for organisations currently operating with an on-premise model. Many businesses can make considerable strides in meeting their sustainability targets by leveraging the scalability, utilisation and decision-making insight that Cloud models offer. Typically, organisations using Oracle Cloud see a 40 - 50% reduction in their CO2 emissions and energy costs. Oracle itself has invested heavily in making its Cloud operations environmentally friendly, meaning a move to Oracle Cloud is the greenest model available. 


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Oracle's commitment to the environment



Oracle aims for its Cloud operations to be 100% powered by renewably sourced energy by 2025. Their European data centres are already entirely run on renewable energy and Oracle is committed to passing learning and processes on to their customers. This includes operations such as recycling retired hardware from customers and datacentres and re-engineering packaging to be lighter and recyclable. 

Download the guide on how to build a sustainable future with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Build a sustainable future with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
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Internet of Clouds
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Unlock your business's potential with end-to-end Multi-Cloud capabilities across OCI, Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS. 

We offer end-to-end multi-cloud capabilities that allow our customers to hyper-scale across four major cloud platforms: Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

As such, our multi-cloud consultancy and managed services allow businesses to achieve greater flexibility, scalability, and resilience across multiple cloud platforms.

By "cherry-picking" from a wider range of "best-of-breed" cloud-native services and customising networking, compute, storage, and security, our customers can drive optimal performance and cost savings.

With a cross-cloud service provider like DSP, we can streamline cloud management, so you can enjoy greater flexibility and scalability, and the reduced costs associated with managing multiple cloud platforms.




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We are Europe's only technology partner with Oracle CSP and Microsoft Azure CSP credentials.

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