Have you considered Azure and Oracle multicloud?

For organisations with multi-vendor IT environments, making use of Azure and Oracle multicloud solutions is a straightforward way to integrate the two technologies. DSP is the only Oracle Cloud MSP and Microsoft CSP in the UK, so we are the ideal partner to help you establish Azure and Oracle multicloud in your organisation.


Azure and Oracle Multicloud solutions

The advantage of Azure and Oracle multicloud solutions is that for organisations with a Microsoft-first strategy, but a significant Oracle footprint, it offers a neat and simple solution to make disparate systems work together.

As the only Oracle Cloud MSP and Microsoft CSP in the UK, DSP is trusted by many organisations to establish and maintain Azure and Oracle multicloud solutions in their organisation.

We offer a range of multicloud services, from guidance on the best set-up for your requirements, to how to get licensing right, and ongoing managed services. We help to increase agility and reduce overheads whilst reducing vendor lock-in and achieving optimum performance.

Organisations use our services because we have expertise across all clouds and databases and are experienced in making complex infrastructure environments straightforward, giving greater value and performance for the long term.

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Best-in-class services that make Multi-Cloud a reality...


A multi-cloud approach delivers fundamental technology benefits that can help your business achieve multiple goals.

To take advantage of this potential, you need to document your strategy in a way that’s both understandable to cloud technicians and palatable to stakeholders, illustrating the reasons your organisation should consider a multi-cloud approach.

Business case building

The planning of your strategy document starts with an initial examination of the concept of multi-cloud implementation and finishes in a more specific business case to gain support and commitment from business stakeholders.

Important outcomes

We will utilise data from a ‘discovery and analysis’ session to help align your business needs, identify opportunities and recommend a best-in-class futureproofed migration strategy.


Our ‘Multi-Cloud Architecture Service’ plays a key role in helping businesses map database, data and applications into a single multi-cloud roadmap. With the focus on driving business agility while minimising risk and cost, these are a few areas we asses:

Application 1st approach

Application and usage dependent, we will identify the cloud set-up that best fits its individual requirements.

Minimise vendor lock-in

Lower costs by ensuring your database and applications can switch between cloud vendors without the need to restructure existing code.

Security enhanced

Capitalise on the best security practices available, whether it be data at rest or data in motion.


A multi-cloud deployment requires connecting with more than one cloud provider, each with its own connectivity requirements, security controls and technology implementation.

Our multi-cloud service includes both best-in-class Monitoring Solutions and a Managed Service wrapper to remove the headache of managing multiple cloud platforms, database types and processes.

Everything is managed by a large team of Cloud certified, UK based DBA's on a 365*24*7 basis.


A multi-cloud strategy has many advantages, but can make things more complicated if developed in an ad-hoc manner, rather than being planned from the outset.

Go to the cloud with confidence

Once an expert strategy is formulated and the architecture completed, we have some of the best technical minds in the industry who can efficiently and effectively deploy your multi-cloud solution.

What to consider when looking at Azure and Oracle Multicloud solutions

Our expertise in Microsoft and Oracle technology means we can provide guidance and support on integrated solutions that fully realise the possibilities multicloud offers.

Hassle-free integration with Microsoft Azure

Our combined Oracle and Microsoft expertise can help you unite the two infrastructure platforms seamlessly. We can help you develop and deploy the best technology for your needs and truly take advantage of Multicloud.

Workloads and requirements are unique to every organisation. By using the private, high-bandwidth, low-latency interconnect between Oracle and Azure, you can take advantage of the diverse range of software and licenses they each offer, as well as integrating third-party applications and bespoke software – for a personalised approach.

Simple and efficient application delivery

A multi-cloud approach is undoubtedly the best way to harness the unique advantages offered by different systems, but inefficiency can cause things to get complicated quickly, with fragmentation and other complex issues hampering your ability to deliver applications effectively.

Our streamlined application delivery will always keep things simple and efficient. We'll enable total consistency for your applications to reduce any operational burdens and optimise the features available. Your team will have full visibility and peace of mind that everything is secure and meets your ongoing needs.

Take a look at some of our Multicloud projects...

Colt Data Centre Services: Multicloud Migration

Colt selected DSP to migrate their database to OCI whilst keeping it connected to Azure to keep pace with their exponential growth.

RPC: Multicloud Migration and Managed Service

RPC seamlessly migrated their hosting service and existing clients to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Azure, with ongoing support for long-term optimisation.




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