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Oracle Cloud Data Platform Modernisation

The time is now for a database upgrade, let DSP-Explorer reduce your costs and management headaches.


These days, just about every organisation is looking for a creative way to gain a competitive advantage. When it comes to dev/test and deploy scenarios, many companies are bogged down by costly, time-consuming, and cumbersome environments that can hinder the development process.

If you’re looking for ways to significantly accelerate your dev/test, deploy cycles using Oracle database(s), and drastically reduce costs and management headaches, then the following topics will be of interest to you.

Moving Workloads to the Cloud

Businesses that move their database to the cloud can eliminate the costs associated with corporate data centres. This includes the need for database infrastructure, the manpower to maintain and monitor the equipment, and the space required to keep the on-site database.

By harnessing the power of the Oracle cloud, you can benefit from increased scalability and agility for your workload. Oracle Cloud offers a simple, seamless way to spin up dev/test environments, scale production, and reduce process steps that don’t add value. You also have full-featured real-time monitoring and analytics from infrastructure to databases including applications.

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Test/Dev in Oracle Cloud

Oracle cloud services are designed for developer productivity, allowing businesses to develop modern business applications faster and easier. Developers enjoy complete and integrated back-end and front-end services for building modern applications quickly and efficiently.

Testing applications is an essential part of securing and managing the performance of applications. Testing on Oracle cloud ensures security, quality, and performance monitoring for both mobile and desktop apps with its Application Testing Suite.

Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBaaS)

Oracle provides several Oracle Cloud Service deployment choices that allow businesses to guarantee their investment is making the greatest return possible. We make sure you are using Oracle efficiently and that services are suited to your circumstances, and with Oracle’s flexibility, businesses are free to adapt and change their requirements over time.

Oracle Database Cloud Service offers you an automated provision of high availability configurations including pre-packaged bundles or Oracle databases options for DevOps, Performance, Security, Analytics, and Monitoring. The service also provides tooling to help automate DBA tasks.

Oracle Cloud Migration

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