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Looking for an Oracle Cloud Partner?

We've been an Oracle Partner for over 25 years and have worked with Oracle Cloud since its inception. We have 20+ Oracle Expertise showing we are trusted by Oracle to deliver world-class Oracle Cloud Services. We were also the first Oracle Partner in EMEA to gain 'Advanced' Oracle Cloud Expertise. 

Oracle Cloud Partner

As Oracle database cloud specialists we deliver managed public and private ‘Oracle Database Cloud Solutions’ specific to your business needs which can be scale up and down at any given moment. Our Oracle Cloud Services help businesses realise the following:

  • Increase Agility and Faster Time to Market
  • Reduce Costs and Complexity
  • Reduce Risk and Ensure Regulatory Compliance
Oracle Cloud Partner

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Oracle Cloud Services

Managed Services

At DSP-Explorer we are proud to be an Oracle Partner with Oracle Cloud Expertise, an Oracle MSP and a Specialised Implementer


Our Oracle Cloud Consultants will listen to your business issues and be your helping hand in solving them


At DSP-Explorer we are Oracle Cloud Migration experts; whether you're migrating from on-premise, or from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic

Proof of Concept

Let us demonstrate the capabilities of Oracle Cloud and how we can facilitate your business

Why Oracle Cloud?

Why DSP-Explorer?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has many unique tools that can support innovation across your business environment. Major benefits include:

  • Cost savings
  • Increase security and reduce risk
  • Business flexibility
  • Quick and easy accessibility
  • Huge storage capacity

As an award-winning Oracle Partner at the forefront of Oracle database management and cloud services – our services come highly recommended by Oracle. We are well known within the industry for delivering best-in-class OCI support and have a long list of awards and expertise that underpins our credibility within the industry.

By taking advantage of our Oracle Cloud Expertise you will see first-hand how the significant benefits of corporate agility, competitiveness, and performance can affect your business profitability.

Let us display our OCI capabilities with an Oracle Cloud Proof of Concept.

Managing Your Data in Oracle Cloud

Test and Development

Disaster Recovery

Database Backup

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Customer Success


“Stripe has managed to make a seamless migration to Oracle Cloud and that has been enabled via DSP-Explorer through their MSP programme. They have been instrumental in this transformation. Oracle Cloud is a platform that has enabled performant, Enterprise-class infrastructure with the flexibility of Public Cloud. This combined with the DSP-Explorer MSP wrapper means we can focus on our core business without being distracted by IT.”

IT Consultant | Stripe


Oracle Cloud Rewards Programme

Exclusive to DSP-Explorer

Check out our exclusive programme that gives back 10% of every £1 spent on Oracle Cloud towards a Managed Service or Consultancy.

Oracle Cloud Partner

Evaluating Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

On-Demand Webinar

We focus on those companies at the very beginning of their cloud journey by helping evaluate all your options and deciding if OCI is the best choice for your business needs.

Oracle Cloud Partner

Try out our Oracle Cloud Calculator

Being well informed will help you make better decisions. Cheaper isn't always better, and faster doesn't always win. DSP-Explorer's globally renowned Oracle Cloud Calculator, developed after numerous customer engagements, compares the costs between Oracle Cloud and AWS. If you're interested to find out how much your Oracle Cloud environment would cost + how it will perform vs AWS, try our Oracle Cloud Calculator now.

"Oracle has aimed to simplify or remove hard to estimate costs associated with Public Cloud, their aim is not only to make to more cost-effective but easier to manage. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure you don’t need to think about storage performance; how many VPNs you need or how much data your load balancers may process. All those things distract from what you should be doing and that’s embracing the Public Cloud. Contact DSP-Explorer to learn how Oracle has simplified the Public Cloud offering."


Phil Brown
CTO | DSP-Explorer

Oracle Cloud Partner

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