Planning to migrate your Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud?

We have completed hundreds of seamless migrations from Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud, and we can help you do the same to take full advantage of the cloud.

Oracle  Database to Oracle Cloud

Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud services

As a leading Oracle partner, we can help organisations from Oracle database to Oracle cloud with ease. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is an accredited database cloud service that supports any size workload from dev/test to large scale production deployment. Multi-layered, in-depth security with encryption by default. A highly available and scalable service delivering speed, simplicity and flexibility for faster time to value and savings.

Oracle Cloud is fast, simple and secure while increasing innovation and lowering costs for your business. Oracle provides several Oracle Cloud Service deployment choices. These choices allow you to start at the cost and capability level suitable to your use case, giving you the flexibility to adapt as your requirements change over time. Choices include single schemas, dedicated pluggable databases, virtualisation databases, bare metal databases and databases running on world-class engineered infrastructure.

As an award-winning Oracle Partner at the forefront of Oracle database management and cloud services – our services come highly recommended by Oracle. We are well known within the industry for delivering best-in-class OCI support and have a long list of awards and expertise that underpins our credibility within the industry. By taking advantage of our Oracle Cloud Expertise you will see first-hand how the significant benefits of corporate agility, competitiveness, and performance can affect your business profitability.

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Oracle Service Partner Expertise in CSPE Oracle Cloud Platform - Oracle Cloud Database to Oracle Cloud
Oracle Service Partner Expertise in CSPE Oracle Cloud Platform - Oracle Cloud Platform Data Management
Oracle Service Partner Expertise in Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud to...

After a seamless migration to Oracle Cloud, we can provide specialist services in order to support your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Application Migration

Not only can we migrate your database layer to OCI, but we also have the expertise to lift and shift your applications.

Oracle Cloud Support

Once you have finished your migration we can continue to provide expert support for your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Data Science Services

After migrating to Oracle Cloud you can utilise Data Science Services to gain valuable insights from your business data.


Oracle Database with administration fully managed by Oracle or under your control with one-click built-in automation. Supports modern agile development with RESTful APIs for quick, automated and repeatable use.

Cost Effective

Oracle Cloud delivers higher performance at a lower cost than deployments running on-premises or with other cloud providers. At DSP we ensure you pay the most competitive price possible and can guarantee you're paying optimal prices for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Security on Oracle Cloud protects the entire lifecycle of data both in transit and at rest. Database access is monitored and recorded for audit and control at all times.


Oracle Cloud lets you maintain control of your database and gain better efficiency when moving to Oracle Cloud. Shared, dedicated, virtualised, bare metal and engineered deployment targets to optimise cost in a pay per need model.

Migration Methodology: The DSP Difference

Our motto is ‘Any Database | Any Cloud’, and whatever the nature of the migration, we have a long history of making it a smooth and successful journey. We have a range of vendor accreditations and are the only Oracle and Microsoft CSP in the UK. But it’s how we do things that really makes us stand out:


We understand that migrations are a significant undertaking and as much a commercial decision as a technical one. That’s why we work with you in close collaboration, putting a significant amount of effort into pre-migration preparation. We bring all stakeholders together to assess every available model and decide which one is the strategic best fit for your organisation.


Your migration is unique to you, but because of our wealth of migration experience, we have a tried and tested formula to make the process run smoothly. We’ll work in close partnership with your teams throughout the process to ensure that downtime is reduced to the absolute minimum and your estate is fully optimised with the highest levels of performance possible.


We don’t see the migration process as transactional, as many other partners do. We offer a complete wrap-around service to optimise your estate in the long-term with services like proactive monitoring, regular health checks and performance reviews. This means you can focus on other priority areas of the business, assured in the knowledge that your infrastructure is safe with us.

Take a look at some of our OCI projects...

PRIMEdge: IFS ERP application to OCI

PRIMEdge migrates its IFS ERP application to an OCI hosted solution with DSP.


London North East Railway: OCI Build and Support

DSP conducted an OCI PoV and migration for LNER with ongoing support which resulted in reduced data loading speeds and improved scalability.


DSP customers

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"Selecting a company like DSP is the best option as you receive a tailored database service. Generalists are not focused on the aspects required.”

Chief Executive Officer | EDM


"We live and breathe this every day but it was really impressive how quickly DSP got on board with our systems and processes in order to start delivering results from the outset."

Head of Infrastructure | Zopa


"Our relationship now is so much more than just client-and-supplier; it is a genuine partnership. It’s more valuable to us as it means we grow and develop as an organisation while working with DSP"

IT Manager | BRITA UK


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